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favorite pen lost

At some point yesterday I lost a yellow fountain pen — probably in MS 10?  If anyone has found it, I would be so happy to have it back.  As would Monty, who owns the pen.




Table Clothes

Good Morning Friends!
We are in search of some of our FCS table clothes which usually are stored in the Development Office. Some are gray and some are navy and have either our school seal, or a a quakerworks logo on them. If you have one, or know where one may be being stored right now, would you please reply to this email, or drop the tablecloth(es) off in the Development Office, Main Building first floor.
Thank you!




Lost Stuffed Animal

Hello Friends,
On Friday morning this puppy was found in the front area of the main building.
We’re hoping to locate whoever might have lost it.  We will be keeping him safe at the front desk.

black markers

Just went to set out the black permanent markers for my class that starts NOW and they are not where I keep them. Did someone borrow them…all of them?
Please return them.









Good morning!

Last spring we loaned our large, metal soup like pot with a handle to a class and it was not returned to us.
We would love to use it for ‘Stone Soup.”
If anyone has it, kindly return it to Nursery.
Thank you very much
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Fwd: Missing Soccer Ball

Hi, Everyone!

There was a black/white soccer ball at the window seat behind my desk yesterday and today it’s not there.  Has anyone seen it?  Please check with your students tomorrow to see if they may have taken it from the seat by me to, maybe, use at recess or, maybe, they thought they knew who it belonged to.



Missing paint tools

Did someone borrow these paint tools from my class? I have a few, but not the selection that I normally have available for the students to use.


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